Extended Our Stay

Adventure Location: Comfort Castle, Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-21-2020
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It turns out the OFM needed some recuperation time today so the weather started out cold, wet and generally nasty and stayed that way all day. What does the OFM decide to do? Well play with the colored pencils and stay inside dry and warm.

There is a great website on the Internet for rvers to reference about closures of camping facilities in the country. It is here. Some of the closures seem not well thought out. We figure about 1 million RVers will suddenly have no place to camp or go. The OFM Teams are fortunate to be at a great campground and extended our stay today.

To have some fun and enjoy the day better the OFM decided he needed to wear down some colored pencils for a change. Here is NEW SEEDLING for your amusement. It was fun to paint and used up about four hours.  Colored pencil art is very slow at best.

And that is a good way of filling up a nasty day and trying to have fun.

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