Morning Sun


Tired All Day

Adventure Location: Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date:3-7-2020
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The left shoulder is more flexible this evening but the OFM has had a not feeling really great day. Progress in one spot regress in another. But we are still alive and kicking so look out world.

Since he was not in great activity health mode today we chose to make the grand loop around the camping  area twice. Once in the morning and once after supper tonight. The distance per round trip is a hint over one mile. It was a meander for sure but the OFM did make it decently.

Then instead of trying for more aerobic activity he decided to get out the colored pencils and try his luck at finishing the current painting. It turned out to be a great choice.  Something interesting to do but did not require unable energy.  About three hours later the OFM declared the painting finished. Here is the beautiful masterpiece in all its glory.

The evening was purposely a gentle restful event. Now for a good nights sleep and hit the morning running trying to have tooooo much fun.

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