Diablo East Boat Ramp

Adventure Location: Diablo East, Amistad NRA, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-19-2020
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Tonight we view the boat ramp and a special place for the OFM. This next picture was taken just to the right of the trail picture start in last nights blog. It is the top of the boat ramp that is notorious in the fishing the west stories. It is very long and STEEP. It is a long hard walk down to the boat launch. ALL of the boat parking is back up on top in designated parking.

We walked about half way down to a rest/shade shelter and took the rest of the photos for tonight’s blog. That was enough walking steep inclines after walking the trail first.

Notice the several points of rock to the right of the ramp area. On those points are some good fishing. The hike over to them is a killer. The OFM always carried a small pack with him. There are at least three folks in this picture fishing on the points. 

You can get there by walking/stumbling from the boat ramp around the water line. Or you can start over at the nature trail entrance and walk along the high ridge to the right and finally walk/scramble down to the water.

The last point out there has a single tree near the end and a fisher person at the tip. That is the area the OFM used to go to from up on the ridge and catch a lot of fish in the past. The OFM cannot any longer handle the acrobatics required for the scramble down and then back up the cliffs.

By the time the OFM made it back to the top of the ramp we knew that we were finished trying to have tooooo much fun for the day.

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