Morning Peace

Morning  Peace



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-29-2020
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The Boondork (link) asked to hear a report on the Waltmart trip today. At an early time we pulled into the parking lot to see a line of folks wrapped around the corner of the store. Sierra said NOPE and we headed back to the Castle.

Little to nothing happened except finding out lots more places are shutting down and our planned trip to grandkid land is in danger now. So we are in limbo and who knows what is next.

Along comes later afternoon and we rolled over to Walmart again about 1700.  Sierra got us parked. The OFM Shopping Team along with the shopping list for a change went over to the line to get in.  Walmart even has lines marked on the pavement at six foot intervals to you can stay at the right spacing. That was nice of them. About four minutes later the OFM Team was released to go in.

Everything we needed was available except the jar of sweet pickles.  Even the OFM’s soy vanilla milk was in stock. We cleared the store and was back in Sierra in about 25 minutes. 

While we were in line to get into the store, shoppers leaving had their one package of toilet paper in their basket and it was the right type for RV tanks. When we went by the shelves they were empty.  We have about a six week supply in the cabinet right now, but we would like one more package to feel secure about this issue.

Now that Del Rio has four corona virus cases, it may be time to gather some spare stuff for when the OFM gets sick. Being single and sick is usually not the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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