454 Playground

Adventure Location: San Pedro Campground, Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date: 3-5-2020
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A nice surprise happened today. One of the OFM’s favorite spots on the lake was open for playing.  A low spot on the entrance road had the location closed for some time.  We noticed it was open and made the right turn and away we went. That Sierra sure knows where to go sometimes.

At full lake this area is covered in water, but with the drought our this way the water is over thirty feet low now. So we headed in to check out the area. This is the 454 Day Use Area.  We have had many nice times out in here fishing and messing around. Here are a few pictures of one of the nice spots.

First we stand on the bank and look up the arroyo.  It is a steep sided deep ravine of sorts but now has water in it. Yes there are fish caught in there. Beautiful isn’t it.

This is one of the points that the OFM hops around upon while fishing in this area.  There has been several nice largemouth bass caught in this area.

Nearby is another not real wide but steep sided arroyo that the OFM likes to fish. It is normally a very pretty place also. In fact this 454 playground is a great place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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