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Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-26-2020
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There is an old trail that leaves the campground and heads north for a ways. Here is the gate to the trail.

The round trip is about 1.5 miles. When you get to the first turn, the trail goes up the steep hill to the right of the gate. Then it turns right across part of the hill. Then it turns left  an makes it way down the hill to the gate again.  It is a pretty good hike.

When the OFM went for a walk this afternoon, there was a pretty blue flower showing him the way to go.

So through the gate we went and shuffled on           along the trail for a good ways. Then suddenly the OFM Walking Team was horribly attacked by large black mosquitoes. It did not take the OFM long to get himself headed back to the Castle. The trail can wait until the mosquitoes are gone.

At least we had pretty Texas Sage flowers blooming in great quantity along the part of the trail we did get to see.  The fragrances were going crazy in the brushy area. Here is a typical single bush in full bloom. WOW.

That was about the only thing the Teams did for excitement today.  The lock down in Del Rio must be working since there are very few vehicles on Highway 90 in front of the campground. It looks like the OFM is going to have to work a little harder at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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