Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


An Army Report

Adventure Location: San Pedro Campground, Del Rio Texas
Adventure Date: 3-6-2020
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First off tonight is an arm report. The left arm was damaged for usefulness in the fall two days  ago to the point that it was just a decoration full of pain. Today it has recovered to the point of about 25% usefulness and  some soreness with dull pain when using it. So we have good progress in recovery from the bad fall to the concrete.

To help offset the arm misery, the sunrise was a fantastic explosion and riot of colors flying around. A double WOW WOW kind of sunrise.


Events happened but the main one was the lock to the Castle failed about mid morning when it was locked for us to go meander. The key would not insert into the slot so the rod could be pulled back to unlock the door. We were locked out of getting back into the Castle. Not Nice Mr. Lock.

Eventually the OFM drove us down to the RV service location and we were able to purchase another door lock. Then we headed back to camp intending to destroy the lock and get the door open.


A screwdriver was shoved into the lock cylinder and a pipe wrench was used to turn the screwdriver to rupture the cylinder and hopefully let us open the door. IT WORKED.  The lock was destroyed but the door was open so we could install a new lock.


The new lock was installed and tuned to fit the opening properly. The lock performed just right after the tuning and is not our permanent lock. The previous lock was only six months old but the lock cylinder was shot.


As least that was a story that came out well. Tomorrow will be another meandering day for picture taking and arm healing. and don’t forget that SPRING BREAK HAS STARTED. And we know those college kids will be out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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