Vision Update


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-01-2022

Of all surprises for today, the OFM woke up to better right eye vision since the fall. It is not as good as before but definitely a lot better at distance. Maybe there is a chance of rolling by New Year.

A few minutes ago the OFM Teams got a message from Kiddo, his son, that their entourage had made it to Walt Disney World just at sundown SAFELY. He commented that the Floridians returning home traffic was really bad.

We did a good bit of walking around today and cleaning out “never to be needed again” stuff. If we get rid of much more we will need to tie the Castle down to keep it on the ground. We are still hoping to get rolling when the OFM is COMPLETELY healed from all these falling down injuries.

Speaking of injuries, check out this picture that we showed years ago and now have a story for.

Years ago a drunk going very fast on the entrance road to the campground missed the curve in front of the camera and jumped the walking path hidden by the road curve and a drainage ditch to hit the tree, snap it off, tear up the territory and actually lived to go to trial and prison. That happened about ten or so years ago and today we heard the story for the first time. We bet that would have been a wild ride.

The nights are getting cool around here. Bits an pieces of autumn is showing up in the vegetation with trees doing the most changing right now.

Not a lot to tell about today but it was a nice day of cool fall air and visiting nice folks out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Nice surprise on the eye. Maybe there will be some more along that line.