Looooog Nap


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-30-2022

The OFM got started this morning in time to get a great picture of a wonderful morning.

Beautiful Morning

After that we got in some walking but the body was objecting so we did a bit of meandering and found just about nothing in the water park area to catch our interest beyond that first picture. It seemed the best thing to do was head back to the Castle and rest some more. Then he remembered the Loratadine (Claritin) he had used a week or so ago for the allergies floating around now. He got one down and soon was breathing better. But in a couple of hours he was so sleepy that a several hours long nap happened.

Anyway that was how the day went. Basically nothing. However we did have a nice sort of Mexican supper at the nearby restaurant. Then got in a bit of visiting with a friendly couple here in the campground.

It was definitely a slow moving nothing really exciting day of trying to have tooooo much fun inspite of the antihistamine trying to make the OFM sleep all day.

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  1. Well, you had a full day yesterday. With some recent stresses in my life, I've found I've had one day on, one day off, whether I want it that way or not. And I take loratadine at night....well, maybe I've taken in the morning once or twice. It doesn't make me sleepy....in fact, those old antihistamines like benadryl just revved me up. I hated them.
    These new ones just help my allergy thing. Anyway, patience. Tortoise. They live a long time.