Morning Sun


Still trying to have tooooo much fun.


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-25-2022

We gonna try tonight for another blog entry.

This morning was extra rough since the vision was running a muck changing the part that was in focus every time the OFM tried to look at something a bit far away ie in the top lens of the tri-focals. By lunch it had worked out a bit. We even got to change the blog picture this evening.

Yesterday a chicken breast got boiled gently and cut to bite size to give us some meat AND some chicken flavored water to try a new to us technique. We did a usual add dried brown rice to the water to cook. Then we added a can of yellow corn kernels to the water and some spice like black pepper to make a side dish to the already cooked chicken. It was extremely good so the left overs of the mixture are in the freezer for two more meals in the near future.

What we are finding is that the OFM gets tired quicker these injured days. We are hoping as the body repairs go along he will get his stamina back.

Our walk was a bit slow today but we did get in three miles. A nice older fellow, that walks the trails and we cross paths every now and then named Jim, stopped at the OFM sitting on a bench and we chatted about five minutes. Turns out he is 82 and also went through a rough transition in his middle 70's. But just being careful and letting his body repair itself has left him doing about five miles every morning at a nice jogging speed. So the OFM has HOPE for his future again.

Supper tonight was at Mi Hacienda Mexican

Restaurant back at the main highway 31 about five miles from the Castle camping spot is a decent CLEAN restaurant and we had a Taco Salad there tonight for supper and it was good. It serves deep south style Mexican food that is definitely not Texas Border style. But is is well done and priced decently so we expect to keep returning to them in the future.

We guess it is good news that we are being able to publish blogs again already but it is a major surprise to the OFM. He was certain it would be weeks before we got back on the air. But we never give up trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. seems a surprise that we CAN get better and back to a semblance of what is normal for each of us (it's happened to me more than once). I am so glad you had such a good day......

  2. P.S. I echo yesterday's RunNRose post .

  3. A good Mexican restaurant is a find!

  4. Good to see things have improved a little that you can get around, drive a short distance and do some walking. The body is an amazing thing sometimes when it is healing.

  5. I completely understand the fatigue side of things. My PCP is trying to track down why I'm dealing with it so often. May need to adjust my Blood Pressure medication or it could be a hangover from getting COVID last Jan, or maybe I'm just getting old. LOL!

  6. And whatever it was today could be different tomorrow it seems. Seems like I took a major decline about the time I turned 76 a month ago.

  7. Just have a little are going to heal...just takes longer. I have high hopes of meeting up with you this coming year for sure.