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Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-24-2022

We gonna try tonight for a blog entry.

During the mornings nothing seems to work right. But around noon the eyeballs align somewhat and we start trying to get back some of the lost seeing ability. Usually during the afternoon and evening the OFM can actually function if done carefully. During the day we get in a lot of walking and piddling. The oddest fact is that his eyesight changes several times during that time of the day. Sometimes pretty good and other times nothing seems to be where it looks like it is. So we adjust as much as we can. Typing when the eyes are acting up is near impossible. But like right now, it is a slow process but a bit above hunt and peck most of the time.

Some medical update IF the OFM memory is correct. We have another 2.5 weeks of “healing time” for the right eye to heal the small abrasions/cuts in and around the eye socket before the Doctor wants to get into the main body of the eye repairs. Those words are the OFM interpretation of what the OFM remembers the Doctor saying while the OFM was in a panic if he would lose his eye completely. Our next Doctor visit is 10/12/2022 to find out what our next steps are going to be.

The internet sites seem to think we will be back in light duty action around the end of December. That sounds two eternities away to us.

The OFM is able to safely drive here in Decatur if we pick low traffic times and areas we are familiar with. So we can get to the small Walmart easily for food and minor things. Several places to eat are in range for eating out. The big Walmart is a bit farther away but with careful planning it is also doable. And with over ten miles of walking paths in the Point Mallard complex the Teams can keep a healthy exercise program going during this “medical time.” He is also enjoying the challenge of a damaged body trying to have tooooo much fun.

My son's mom and her husband have volunteered to help transport or whatever else the OFM might need if they can do it. They both have some limitations also but that offer is extremely appreciated.

A couple of other good things have happened today we will write about tomorrow. So over all the OFM is one of the luckiest folks on the earth with so many folks jumping in to assist in this time of need.

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