Morning Sun


Big Party Number One


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-6-2022

This was the day for the Kindergarten grandparents lunch visit. So the Teams were ready early and piddled around about getting on over to the school about 30 miles away. We got there in plenty of time and entered the building to process through the check in procedure. The OFM is VERY fond of the security measures they use at the school.

The other grand parents, Mary and Dan, got to the lobby a few minutes later, checked in and then we got busy talking. Lunch time rolled around and there was a bit of confusion with all the noise in the cafeteria but we finally found Piper and got situated.

The kid noise was big and all the old folks have hearing trouble so communication with soft spoken piper was repetitive at times. But we all seemed to have a good time.

Left to right Mary, Dan, OFM, and the star of the event Piper.

From the lunch room we got a quick tour of Piper's room and then it was time to leave.

Outside we old folks spent another good while telling old tales and catching up on life things.

The OFM got back to the Castle in good shape but a nice nap later was well received also.

Tomorrow is lunch with Gavin day and another day of trying to have way tooooo much fun again.