Two Piece Walk


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-14-2022

We do not know if the flu shot the OFM got yesterday had anything to do with this or not. We started out on a walk on the paved trail portion just across the street from the campground. The OFM was setting a good pace for the approximately two thirds of a mile to the first turn. Suddenly the OFM did not feel “right” so we turned back and headed for the Castle to check the OFM out. When we got back the OFM felt the same as back on the path so he headed to the bed for a rest and see what's up. About 45 minutes later after a bit of a nap he woke up feeling just fine. A few minutes to put shoes on again and get out the door and a good while later we returned to the Castle with another 3 miles on the OFM and he felt great. We have been feeling OK since.

The vegetation pollen etc has been really bad and strong this year. This afternoon the OFM gave up resisting and we went to Walmart and checked anti hay fever etc drugs. After a few minutes he chose one with Loratadine as the active ingredient. It is not supposed to make him drowsy. Anyway after he took the first pill it was less than a half hour until he noticed that most of his allergy symptoms had severely minimized. That was a nice surprise. After the blog entry publishes we will be researching that drug.

It was a fairly low key day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Ha. Yes. It's amazing stuff, that Claritin. I'd always avoided allergy stuff because it hyped me up (I know, some people get sleepy with antihisimines, not me), but loratadine did nothing except make the allergy symptoms disappear. Amazing. But I guess I said that already. Anyway glad you had some good effects, and no bad ones.I've been taking it off and on for several years.

  2. This does not have Claritin's extra ingredients or cost. It is the Equate brand that is just the loratadine chemical and adds nothing extra to my body. And it works fairly well too.