Morning Sun




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-28-2022

The blind man is going to try to write a blog entry tonight. The OFM has noticed an eyes change today in that he cannot tell if his camera is auto focusing correctly or his eyes are lying to him. We shot many nice scenes on the slow walk today. It was another bad balance day so it was slow walking but at least we did get out and do over two miles in the cool sunshine.

Yesterday was a major hacker attack on the OFM computer. We took the computer to his son and that wizard got it fixed in about an hour and a half. THANK YOU SON (Kiddo).

Yesterday on the trail we met a really nice lady walking a friends puppy on the trail. She and the OFM hit it off right away and we stood and talked for over a half hour. In the mean time the pup she was walking was very polite and social. Here is a super patient pup named Biscuit.


Back at the Castle this afternoon the OFM had to do some resting and it occurred to us he might be worn down from a flu or ? Bug. So he plopped down and we went through the art paper supply. As it turns our it is a good thing we did. There is only a two year supply of paper if we still produced as many paintings a week as we used to. We are learning new things so the production rate is a lot slower now.

On top of that the OFM made a reference package for choosing which paper for a project. A 5x7 chunk of each of the six types of paper we have was cut from each type. We then labeled each piece with what type of paper it was IN INK. Then we did some identical doodles on each sheet with a Prismacolor Colored Pencil to give us an idea of how each paper handled the pencil coloring. This should be a lot of help when choosing which paper to use for the next artwork.

The OFM is still hobbled physically and optically and needs the readers to take up the slack of getting out and trying to have tooooo much fun. GO GET IT FOLKS.


  1. Sounds like you're doing pretty good for an old f---t who is having trouble seeing and balancing when walking. Wish I had a Kiddo around for my computer. And it may be interesting for you to review your photos later. There are lots of theories about Monet and his cataracts, also other artists. In about another month, I plan on getting back to painting, and at the moment, have few ideas. I've had hiatuses (haiati?) due to life before, so we'll see what happens.

    1. I would love to see your art efforts. What medium do you like to work in?

    2. First it was pastels, then acrylics, then water soluble oils. But I'll do anything. Except colored pencils. Ha.
      And go back and forth between them. I do like to draw...without paints, but rarely do it except for laying out a painting..

  2. It was good fortune meeting that older guy the other day who had problems back in his 70s and got his second wind after that.
    Labeling the sample papers in ink sounds like one of those hard learned lessons :-)

    1. I'm always pleased when I actually remember that I screwed this up before and I remember it before I do it again!