Morning Sun


Gentle Ways


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-26-2022

The big good news today was when the OFM called the doctors office to clarify what we would check and talk about on 10/12. The lady that answered the phone said the notes by the doctor said the purpose was to discuss any repairs the OFM might need to his eyeball and or socket AND to evaluate the OFM for doing cataract surgery as soon as any other repairs allowed. That was great news that the doctor was really on top of things.

Medical bills continue to arrive and the lucky OFM is joyous that Medicare is covering about 90% of the cost of care from the two falls this summer.

Getting out and around a lot today was not in the ability of the OFM. But we did get some house cleaning done and a bit of roaming the Walmart for a few little items. But a lot of resting is still required these days. Lunch was a Lawlers Pork Salad that was good and supper was a Burger King sandwich that was also decent.

The OFM says he is ready to bust out and get busy but his mind cannot seem to recall that it is attached to a worn body 76 years old with lots of time on the trails of the USA and South Vietnam. We have to work on finding gentle ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, yes. I'm 76 too. So it takes longer now to get back to where we were, and sometimes we don't get quite back that far, but so far I've had better results than I expected. And YES to Medicare. All of us old people are costing the country a lot. But I can't figure out any better way to do things. Maybe somebody can. It saw my husband through all his illnesses, and there were many before he died. And my recently deceased "gentleman friend" - "boy friend" sounds stupid, we were too old - also benefited, as he did from the VA as well, though he used both very little, relatively speaking. Meanwhile, I am glad to hear you'll be learning more about what's needed in a couple of weeks. So all you have to do is go slow and be patient. I think that last word takes on more meaning the older we get.

  2. I think you have described the old age style very well. Thank you.