Water Melon Harvesting


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-18-2022

We had a great day today. We arrived at the home of the grand kids to a warm welcome. A little pruning of the black berry vines was going on. Then we headed over to the watermelon patch to harvest a couple of melons. Good grief they looked really good.

Then the discussions on the care of the OFM during medical procedures went on. They were very happy to provide any help the OFM needed as long as it was not the second week of October. They have a scheduled and paid for vacation during that week. But any other time for the next three months they will be available and happy to help. That was wonderful news.

Now all the OFM needs to do is schedule the cataract surgery and find out the healing schedule for that type of medical procedure.

From what the Internet says the OFM can expect to stay here until after Thanksgiving at least. This all depends on the Doctor's schedule for surgeries. Now it is up to the OFM to get things lined out correctly and executed. Now we need to get busy and try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. You're gonna love getting a cataract fixed. Recovery time is only 24 hours, but a follow up later is necessary too. Not much later though, I can't remember. The last followup is to see if you need an prescription glasses.. I delayed getting mine done as I have only one good eye, but I sucked it up and did it, and it was great. I felt like Jane Wyman in some old movie when they took the patch off (I was legally blind, or more, in the other eye so had spent 24 hours with a helper), and I got teary and said "I can see, I can see!" I can't remember what movie that was.

    1. I have two of the suckers to get rid of and then get glasses so I will be here a bit longer. The right eye pupil also needs two stiches. Thanks for the upbeat comment for me.

    2. I had both eyes done at the same time 5 years ago and it was NO problem. I was up and running the next day. The surgeon gave me the option of what strength of vision I wanted and on his advice, I chose 20/30. I can see great, anything beyond about 2 feet is in great focus, so when driving for instance, the instruments are clear to read. I could have opted for 20/20 but then the blurry zone would be out to 4 or 5 feet, so am glad I didn't take that option. I do have to have glasses to read, but it is a small price to pay to not have to have them all the time. It was a life changer for sure for me. I had astigmatism all my life, but the new toric lenses that are now available corrected that too. Closest thing to a miracle for me.

      Don't be afraid of the surgery. You will be amazed at how good you can see the next day. I have never looked back.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I am not afraid of the surgery at all just wanting to make sure I get the best choice for my situation.

  3. How delightful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and have your family take care of you, because they want to. You are a lucky man.