Morning Peace

Morning  Peace



 Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-12-2022

After the long day yesterday the OFM got a late start today and hit the trail in his usual t shirt and shorts. Not long after we go moving on down the road he realized with the cool temperature and a slightly wet breeze he should have been in a long sleeve t shirt and long pants. But we pushed on anyway. The sunlight was wonderful and we nearly wore out the camera taking “lighting” pictures for future art efforts.

As we meandered amongst the trees some of them were sending cannonballs down on us. At least they felt like cannonballs when they hit us. Here is one of the cannonballs in the OFM's hand.

Along one part of the trails we came across a vine the OFM had tied an overhand knot in to keep it out of the trail a few weeks ago.

About this time we ran across some nice folks we know coming our direction on the trail. Over an hour later we split up and continued our walks. That happens a lot on the Point Mallard trails with the walkers from Decatur.

It was getting close to shower and lunch time so the OFM cut the walk short and headed back to the Castle. Even with all this we got in almost three miles of wonderful visiting, picture taking and tromping through nature.

Check out this toadstool that was growing from a stump alongside the trail.

Even standing there looking at it the OFM had to look under the “flower” to be sure it was a toadstool. And it was.

For tonight it looks like I need to get out an electric heater to keep the Teams warm. And tomorrow the OFM will need to wear more clothes than today. When we last checked it is supposed to be 52F and damp in the morning. For the OFM that is considered chilly weather.

This coming Friday is an appointment with the eye doctor to find out how things are going with that right eye. We are hoping that it will be well enough to order new glasses to replace the pair that saved my right eye from getting poked with a chair lever and going POP. Hopefully we will at least find out enough to start planning new adventures in trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. That was a good long walk. So glad you were up for it. And even here in TX, the mornings have been cooler. I even went one whole day without AC. Whew.