Morning Sun


Doctor Tomorrow


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-15-2022

The morning was really nice and the flu shot had no side effects showing at all so we had a long walk that got even longer when we saw an opportunity to walk a stretch of the water front trail we had not walked this summer. It was a nice change. We ended up with no new pictures.

Back at the Castle we worked diligently on the latest watercolor pencil painting and got finished with it. Watercolor is tough to paint with. The OFM says he will give it a couple mores chances to behave before he chunks it into the garbage can and goes back to colored pencils.

Here is Morning Walk for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow is the big day we have been waiting for. It is doctor time tomorrow afternoon. We hope to find out when we can start planning rolling. We would like to be able to roll soon enough to get some good boon-docking in around Capitan New Mexico before their winter starts towards the end of October. We have never camped in the Fort Stanton area. It could be very interesting.

Meanwhile we are going to work hard at trying to have tooooo much fun here in Grandkid land.


  1. Best wishes for the dr appt manana. Ft Stanton could be interesting. I myself am a fan of Carrizozo, just up the road. I never try to explain that to anybody. I don't know why myself. Hondo, to the east of Ft Stanton, had the best apples I've ever tasted one October. I still remember them.

  2. Carrizozo has had my wheels there several times in the past. The lava flow park just west is a neat place to see.