RBV Introduced


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-13-2022

OK first a grouch today. The OFM says he is getting tired of waiting to find out if we get to roll this winter or not. That stupid eye needs to hurry up on the healing so we can get something planned. You know like ==on October xx head west on I-20 until we choose to stop and then try to have tooooo much fun until we roll again. Sounds like a great plan to the rest of the Team. Just when can we plan on rolling some tires? The next Dr. appointment is Friday afternoon. Patience OFM Patience. At least you still have the eyeball.

On the walk today a large bird messed up. The OFM has been trying to get a picture of it for a couple of weeks but the bird new the moment to fly away to prevent a picture getting taken. But this morning it messed up and we caught it tangled in a mess of branches where it was unable to spread its wings. We got a neat picture finally.

It stayed there until we got about thirty feet away and then it made a big ruckus and got airborne and away it went across Flint Creek.

As we meandered along the 3 plus miles this cool morning the OFM got the idea to photograph the view from the resting benches along part of the Flint Creek trail. So we started it at bench number one as we walk from the Waterpark downstream along the Creek.

Only a couple of miles of the trail has resting benches but we never thought to pay attention to the view for the resters or how many benches there are.

Here is RBV 1(resting bench view 1).

Bench View One

Shooting these bench pictures may be a way to meet a lot more folks along the trail. And meeting new folks is usually a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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