Travel Plans Are Changing


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 9-17-2022

We had a good day today. Since the OFM was feeling especially good he decided to try the full four plus miles of the longest trail in the area. And we made it! We think there may be a bit of sore leg muscles tomorrow.

Along the trail we saw this scene.

Then just a few seconds later a local person asked if we had seen the alligator floating in the water near the trail. We did an inner giggle and answered Yes we did. And went on our way.

Then another spot along the trail was a new bench and check out this great view of the trash can it has.

Here is the trail plaque to commemorate the building of the trail. It is a nice trail and normally well maintained.

The authorities work well at keeping the trail in decent condition. Check out this split in the trail.

The original trail path in several places has had the bank of the creek wash away enough dirt to have the trail and trees fall into Flint Creek. So in the last few years they have been putting new safer routeings in to go around the dangerous spots. The old route is then left unmaintained and grows up with vegetation eventually which slows the degradation of the river bank. The style seems to work really well to the OFM Teams.

Tomorrow is visit grand kid land to discuss future plans. It seems that the Teams are considering on changing our travel plans due to some developing OFM medical items that need to be handled so we can stay of the road more years. As soon as we have firm details we will announce what the plan has become. In the mean time we plan of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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