Morning Sun


Great Day At The Creek


Location: Decatur, Al.

Today's Date: 10-06-2022

Early this afternoon we found out Blogger had been having trouble when we published the blog last night. This evening we added the Title back to the blog of yesterday. Tonight Blogger will not let photos be added to the text so we will publish and try again later to add the pictures.

When we got the OFM moving this morning it was cool and still. So we headed back along the river and creek to try for nice pictures. Before we finished the walk we made almost four miles and dozens of pictures. The weather was just right for photography.

The first slough we came to was very nice and we took several shots at different angles and finally chose this one.

A nice ways on along the trail we chose this picture to show the tall trees along the trail. When a pine cone or other tree part comes down from up there you better be out of the way or have bandages with you.

The wind was very still so we took lots of pictures of light causing wild effects. All told we shot about 45 pictures. It was a blast of a walk.

In the last week the bass fishers have gotten really active. With the lake being drawn down for winter rains and snow melt from up on the hills, the sloughs of shallow water and deeper channels running all around the place has been concentrating the bass etc into the channels where the boats can travel. Here is one of the really quiet ones we saw.

Turtles do a lot of sunning on the tree parts fallen into the Creek. However they are very skittish about walkers stopping to take the turtle pictures. In this next photo the three big turtles slid off into the water a few seconds before we got the shot framed. So we get what we got and enjoyed the event.

All along the walk there was little animal events happening to help keep the OFM Teams alert and interested. We got about a dozen foliage pictures to go into our archives for reference.

Talk about talking, when we were at Burger King for supper we got to talking with an old guy and his grandson who were locals who had not traveled much outside of the area. Both of them were really friendly and pleasant. Grandpa was three years younger than the OFM and the grandson was 9 years old and a really nice polite young man.

All in all it was a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Yep, you have to be sneaky and quick to get those turtles sunning on the logs. But you did a great job with those no photo photos! I especially liked the "smooth slough" non picture. :-)

  2. Ah. A nice bunch of views, and glad you are out and about and sounding good.