Dirty Job


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-03-2022

As it is frequently lately no much is happening. The OFM was not doing well on the walk today so the pace was slow. He was also going from sunny spot to sunny spot for a good bit of the walk. He had miss guessed on the clothing to wear and was a bit chilly.

But the meandering proved good since we met the area newspaper photographer out looking for pictures for the newspaper. He was helping with some pictures of the maintenance of the Point Mallard Park. He and the OFM talked picture taking for about fifteen minutes and had a laugh of three. The OFM took this picture of the mower and the soft dirt in the area showing off.

That is the only pic we took all day.

The pantry needed some bolstering so we headed to the closest Walmart for some restocking. WOW the prices have jumped up on things. The last chicken breasts we had bought were $1.09 a pound. Today the cheap ones were $2.69 a pound. OUCH but we picked up a small package anyway.

The OFM eyes seemed to be a bit less bad most of the day but by late evening we guess they were tired and the vision took a definite down turn. We are really looking forward to the eye doc appointment in about ten days.

The traffic on the main streets of Decatur Al was horrible. We found out very late in the day that an overturned tractor trailer rig had blocked the main road bridge going south by rolling over on its side and laying down on the job. Our usual 15 minute trip to the hamburger joint took exactly and hour this evening. What a mess!!!!!

Sometimes we do not lead an exciting life. Other times the OFM just falls on his face to stir up some trouble for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. What do you do when you're having times you can't see well? Watch tv? Read? Seems like both of those require seeing. I'm a fan of audiobooks, but I use them for insomnia, so I won't have to turn on the light. Ha. Learning ways to enjoy life without being able to see well would require adjustment.

    1. Usually walk and take pictures with my autofocus on my camera. When I do that I am shooting shapes and fantastic colors. The header on the blog tonight was one of those episodes early on. By the way I have not had a TV for over seven years. I never had time for it anyway. There is too much to learn and do for TV in my life.

    2. Ha. I don't watch tv either. Mostly I was interested in what you do in the evening when you're not seeing well becauseI have a friend who has glaucoma, and evenings are difficult. He doesn't do much tv either. And reading at that time of day is difficult for him. Most people I know watch tv. I read, and I still have good vision for that!!! I guess I'll do audiobooks if I cant' read an actual hold-in-the hand book anymore.