Talked Toooooooooo Much


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-22-2022

WOW this was a messed up day. We started the normal walk by carrying trash down to the dumpsters and planned to cross the entrance road and circle the golf course. But the OFM had forgotten to lock the Castle door so we started back. A nice fellow Howdyed the OFM and we ended up talking about them starting to RV more frequently and changes they were thinking of making. We broke up much later and it was too late to start a walk when we got back to the Castle.

So we looked at what to do and decided to prep the Castle for hanging the OFM's art again. Lunch came and went and we tackled Walmart for some supplies for hanging picture frames safely. Then a choice was made to get in a short brisk walk. But that ended being a short effort due to an aching left foot. That was the end of any more walking efforts for the day.

Miscellaneous this and that chores were taken care of but nothing special happened.

As we were sitting here thinking about what to write about in the blog we wondered if we had ever before told of our effort with windows and other openings in the Castle to make it more capable for winter or summer temperatures.

So here it is. We have cut ¾ inch foam to fit the openings and place the foam in the openings when we need better insulation to keep the interior comfortable. A good example is the huge pneumonia hole next to the do everything table.

Here is a picture with the window without the foam.

When we need help keeping the heat out or in we can place pre-cut pieces of foam into the window and really help keep the temperature more pleasant inside.

All the penetrations of the ceiling and/or the walls have these style of pre-cut foam fillers to place in them. We use just friction to hold them in place. Since about January of 2008 this has been working really well even when not boondocking.

Staying cool or warm as needed sure helps in the effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. A long while back, I lived in an old farmhouse, and used this tactic. But the openings were not machine made, so I had to put an arrow with S for south and one for "top" etc. and make sure which big piece would fit where. It helped, but that was one leaky old house. You should be snug with that....and cooler as well when you need to be. Storing them is an additional dilemma.

    1. Most of them stay in their opening year round, The one pictured sits between the bed and the front wall for storage. When rolling they are in their openings. Storage has not been a trouble so far in 16 years.

  2. That's a nice looking writing station. Is the foam white?

    1. The foam was bright white 10 years ago. It is a bit off white now.

  3. Replies
    1. It would be nice if I could claim that I thought it up on my own.

  4. I have to laugh...all I can see is the "evil" chair that might be attached to your desk...keep an "eye" on that one...lol!