Fall Bench


Good Day


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-15-2022

Our morning walk was going great in fantastic weather and we were well down the road when a nice picture opportunity came to us. Out came the camera and it was turned on to tell the OFM he forgot again to get the memory card out of the computer and put it in the camera. So we had a nice long walk without being interrupted by taking pictures.

The rest of the day went smoothly. It was Fall Festival day at the campground and there was lots of loud happy noises for all day. We basically did not participate because it was designed to operate around making happy kids.

So the OFM spent a very pleasant day learning how to use water color pencils for coloring. Several educational videos on utube were watched and then we worked on using that information well. We were partially successful is a good way to describe it.

For supper tonight we had fresh cooked chicken breast flavored exactly to our preference in a salad of small tomatoes, black olives, finger carrots, mixed salad from a Walmart bag, honey mustard dressing and two other salad includes that the OFM cannot recall. Anyway it was extremely refreshing and easy cleanup.

So now it is kick back and goof off time to rest up for some fabulous trying to have tooooo much fun time tomorrow.

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