Morning Sun


Sketch From Scratch


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-19-2022

As we were cooking supper last night, we noticed that we had two bottles of BBQ sauce in the refrigerator. A more careful examination led to the discovery of two nearly empty bottles of BBQ sauce. Since both bottles were nearly empty the OFM figured to mix them together in one bottle and throw the other away. Yep that means more room in the refrigerator for more chocolate. Here is the photographic proof we did it.

We stayed inside until later this morning to keep out of the cold breeze ransacking the countryside. It quit after a couple of hours and we went for a garbage run and a nice relatively short walk of about a mile. We found a tree line that got us in the sunshine and out of the breeze. That made for a nice walk. Here is the sky with no clouds anywhere we cold find. Beautiful isn't it.

Here is a little colored drawing that the OFM did last night from scratch on a blank piece of paper that would probably have preferred to stay blank.

The right eye seems to be getting better again today. We will be really glad to get this eye repair and healing finished. That would go a long way towards trying to have tooooo much fun on the road again.


  1. Here is my command: do more things from scratch. The cooler weather that came with this front is more welcome here than not. Just a few hours of sunshine after the sun comes up in the morning makes it terrific. Patience.

  2. Replies
    1. Your weather comment got me curious. Your location is about 200 miles more south of mine but 800 feet higher so you may be getting more cold than Decatur Al.

    2. I think because we're higher here, we're drier. And perhaps, farther from the Gulf. In spite. Anyway, more desert like here. Just a guess.

    3. Never mind about the Gulf. I just looked up where Decatur is. So it's gotta be altitude.

  3. "From Scratch" gets and A+. I REALLY like that one. Hope to see more of those,