Nothing Exciting But Very Pleasant


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-02-2022

It was laundry day and doing laundry was more exciting than most of the day. But there was nothing bad today either. No blood letting is a pretty good deal in our world.

The OFM did get in a nice coolish walk today. Vegetation is turning Fall all around us but at a sedate pace. The morning walk was very nice weather but the OFM was having some trouble with walking balance so we stayed on the paved road for most of the walking and it was good.

Morning Walk

We turned off onto the smoothest section of the gravel trail along Flint Creek and was soon rewarded with this very nice view to enjoy.

Plenty of nice folks and pups were on the trail so the OFM got a pile of Howdies and chances for a bit of pup petting. The vines seem to be turning colors faster than the trees so this nice scene appeared for us to photograph.

And from there we meandered safely all the way back to the Castle for this picture of our campsite.

The OFM failed to pay exact attention to our walking path but we think it worked out at about 2.5 miles of pleasant morning motivating around a nice place trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds like a very nice time outside enjoying the beauty. Enjoyed your pictures. Hope you didn't have any hurricane remnants.

  2. I love a nice easy day, especially in the cooler fall weather. Commiserated with "Kiddo" as we just made the final leg of our trip home (from Colorado) through Chattanooga and Atlanta - arrgh, terrible traffic snafu's. Now safely back in north FL. Linda