Tree Tunnel


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-24-2022

A busy from the moment wakefulness hit the OFM until late tonight. Anyway we had a loooooog walk this morning of about 5493 miles it seems like tonight to the OFM knees. The temperature was fantastic and the lighting was wonderful for photography. We wish the OFM had been as good of a photographer as the day was perfect. But he isn't. So we have four photos for public viewing tonight.

When we headed out for the walk we took the route to go around the golf course clockwise. That path takes you to a spot the Teams refer to as the Tree Tunnel because the path is covered well with trees all over it with an opening trimmed for folks to pass through. It is a neat little section of the path.

A little ways past the tunnel is two old oak trees that have small acorns in clusters. Today we stopped at the one with clusters near the path to grab some pictures for possible art efforts reference. These are on their last few days before falling to the dirt below.

We wonderfully walked and walked and walked and enjoyed the day tremendously. Then we saw it.


That stump reminds the OFM of the way he feels lately. Badly worn, banged up and splintered with parts scattered around him and generally just plain worn out. BUT still here and writing a blog of his adventures no matter how small they are and with hopes of bigger adventures next year.

Today we decided that the picture wall in the Castle is going to be resurrected for art efforts that might accidentally be ok to show to blog readers and visitors. So we have made some small progress on that effort. We are still working on just how we want it to look. So here is where we are at this time in trying to decide on an arrangement. This time the plan is to swap out art efforts for display instead of have a static display like we had for a couple of years. Here is where we are at this time in history.

Ten more days until right eye cataract surgery and we are getting excited about the prospect of being able to correctly see from that eye again. We are also hoping to get out rolling the Castle again after Christmas Holidays are out of the way. We really miss getting to move on now and then as a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I was reminded this evening about how the camera doesn't see what you do...of course, I'm a "snapshot" photographer, and no matter how the iPhone takes great photos, it always fails to do what I see. Which, this evening was some thunderheads tinged on top by orange and pinks and absolutely glowing. Well, the photo is a white vibrant blob. Not the same thing at all. I do have a proper camera, but just can't seem to do the detail work necessary. So I just try to store what I saw in life in my mind. So I suspect your walk this morning was stunning. Now it's up to you to use your reference photos for a painting with help from your memory....a lot of help.

    1. what's a memory? I have not found smart phone cameras to be adequate for my photography. Having my eyes messed up is also bad. I have to let the camera focus where it wants to for now and that is not the right spot frequently for my style of photography. But when it is all said and done composition is still KING.

  2. You are almost there...that surgery will really help you. Being a nomad (like me) makes one antsy even if everything is perfect. Just keep writing and photographing...sometimes feelings are far better than all those places that we want to go and have too much fun at.