Fall Bench


Bouquet Finished


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-26-2022

The morning started out a bit cold with dark clouds threatening action and excitement. The action and excitement did not happen and the weather warmed up a bit so we headed out for a walk. BUT the OFM body was having some troubles with the strong cold north wind. The first route we tried came to a halt fairly quickly. After some clothing changes we headed out again on a different path and a kink in the OFM back put us back at the Castle after just a little while on the trail. Then we tried the wind protected north side of the soccer field drive way and struck a good compromise.

We planned on just doing laps on this path to get in enough distance but some dark clouds started to move in with a bit of moisture so we finally gave up and went back to the Castle.

Back at the Castle we did some research about next weeks surgery. We think we have things in order now and are ready for the big event. So doing coloring ended up being our day. But it was definitely fun. We completed a coloring that we started about three weeks ago. It turned out fairly adequate for a fool with bad eyesight we think.

Now it is just waiting for next Thursday morning and the eye surgery. There is about 3 gallons of drops to be applying to our eyes for the next two weeks. Then we do it all again for the other eye. We are ready to be mobile again but it will be awhile yet. In the mean time we will continue trying to use up all the fun that we can find in Decatur Alabama.


  1. So a week to go. There ARE a lot of drops. I hope when you get the first one done you are as thrilled as I was the next day. My mostly nonfunctional eye wasn't/isn't necessary, so it's like the other one was before surgery. I can see enough when I close my good eye and look through it to be amazed....so yellow-gray and yucky. Hang in there.

  2. Thank you for all the encouragement. It is appreciated.

  3. Wishing you a successful surgery. Wanda had both eyes done in June. Doing the drops daily was the worst part, but so worth the trouble.

  4. I love the artwork today. Fantastic considering you have vision problems. Looking forward to better eyes.

  5. Oh I definitely like this bouquet. It is really sweet.