Resting Bear


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-27-2022

It was an interesting day that started with a visit to the local eye doctor about an inflamed left eye rim. The panic turned out to be over some clogged eye lash pores that were causing the swelling and redness. Some free sample eye cleaning medicated wipes later and we are back to healing again.

The walk was later in the day and the weather was way better than perfect. We just have to show the walking path picture a half mile into the trail.

That is typical of the whole 3+ miles today. WOW. Naturally the OFM shot a lot more pics than he can publish. The sun was perfect as was the temperature.

We were walking along a slough and realized that my friend, Mr. Theo the master catfisherman, was on the opposite shore. This next picture is enough that we almost went back to the Castle to get our rod and fish.

We continued stumbling along checking out the scenery all around us when the OFM suddenly noticed the resting bear over in the brush. We just kept on moving along making a little noise so we would not suddenly frighten the bear.

After a couple of minutes we worked our way up closer to get this next picture.


The later afternoon was spent visiting with a nice friend who has just finished his cataract surgery on his eyes and is doing very well. The water on the whole campground had had a failure on a main supply line so we spent a couple of hours jawing until the line was repaired. Then we headed off to our respective chores. But it sure was a nice way of finishing out a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That walking path picture is really good, you're a lucky man!

    1. Lucky to still have my right eye for sure.

    2. That is lucky but I was thinking of the sunlight through the colors of the leaves.

  2. Splendid trees. And scary bear....