Pelican Pose




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-10-2022

We have had a nice response to the question in last nights blog. Thank you to everyone.

The morning started cold so the OFM lazed around until it warmed up a bit. Then we hit the paths to see what we could see. We only got two pictures to show. The sun was nice and bright and by the time we got the 3.75 miles done it was warming up a bit.

Here is a tree in the process of falling into the river for the last three years. When will it fall in we have no idea but for now it is a pretty scene.

Then over yonder was a tree being used as a vine support. The vine is in fall mode now and is a pretty red.

That was all the decent photos we got but the walk was an excellent event. Afterward we headed to Lawlers for a pulled chicken plate with BBQ beans and cole slaw with their special seasoning that is OK but not special. The pulled chicken is flavored just right for the OFM and is a new item on the menu.

Back at the Castle we piddled around and did some coloring. Then mail came and some junk the OFM ordered was delivered.

A lot of OFM time was spent trying to make sure he had enough information for a reasonable decision on the rolling more or quitting the RV style of roaming or what other options are available. The final answer is that we cannot make a reasonable decision until all the eye work and recovery is completed and we have a bit of experience with what ever our situation turns out to be. We are not and never have been dare-devils so you can bet the final decision will not be high risk. Thank you to everyone for the opinions to help me feel good about this choice.

So now we have to wait for the Doctor to do his great work and the OFM does his part of the healing. From what we found in the internet information today, it could easily be as late as mid-January before we get to make a choice. You can be sure that the OFM will make an educated if not wise choice when the time comes.

In the meantime we need to find lots of neat things to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I see your giving a lot of time and thought to the physical aspects of your healing, and that's important. But have you given any thought to the mental possibilities of what may happen? Such as how would you feel when the people you know or keep up with, start packing up and heading for a warmer environment in the Fall, and you're standing there waving goodbye? Or, have you considered the possibility of dealing with very cold weather and possibly ice and snow, if you stay where you're at?

    I haven't been a full timer as long as you have.... NOBODY HAS! But I think it would be real difficult for me to have to settle down in one spot and not head South with all the snowbirds.


    1. Thank you Tom and yes I have and you are right it can be very important. Five winters in Richland Washington in this trailer has me very well prepared for much more severe winters than they have here in Decatur Alabama.. Since this is home to all the family I have left in the world, what the rest of the world does in the winter is of little matter to me. This is not a cold place in the winter.29F over night is about it and inch of snow is the most my son has seen here in 20 years. Also my ex wife was from the town 30 miles south of here and we went back there often to see her family folks,