Morning Sun


More Great Weather


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-23-2022

Great weather again but nothing exciting happened so all we did is try to take nice pictures. Most of them the glare from several directions from the sun reflections ruined about 30 shots. We had another dozen that the OFM wiggled too much tripping the shutter and fuzzed them up.

But we have three that were decent to show.

The first is a scene we have shot many times and it is about fifty feet after the gravel trail starts. A little working with the computer gave us a decent picture we think.

Another picture of an attempt at grabbing a dramatic colored leaves picture turned out to be a nice general picture of the trail area.

Then on the way back on the trail we stumbled on this white bird busy on its breakfast hunt. We managed to get about four exposures and this was the best we could do today.

After the walk (3.3 miles) nothing much exciting happened in the campground. The OFM did some extra resting of his legs and feet joints (nap). Some research on the internet produced no information worth much on different papers for colored pencil art.

But it was definitely a relaxing day for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, that's a good long walk, especially considering you got to see sparkling water, an egret, and fall foliage. I'd check that one off as a good deal. And a nap is a good deal too! I seem to be incapable of them - all my life - but envy those who can. So, a good day......

  2. I usually just stretch our on the bed to let my joints unload for 20-30 minutes. The oven timer wakes me if I go to sleep. The unloading seems to do wonders at times for the achy joints.