Hospital Preregistration Today


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-28-2022

The first thing we got done this morning was the pre-registration for the Thursday GREAT EVENT at the eye surgery center. It took about an hour online and to the OFM's surprise it went well for a change.

Since the sun was nicely up and the temperature had come up a good bit the walk went well. But we believe we will have to shorten the walks a bit and maybe even go to two shorter walks a day. From the informal records we keep any time we exceed three miles by very much at all the OFM's feet have joint trouble. It does not matter if we go faster or slower but the distance in one long walk seems to matter. So starting tomorrow we are cutting back to a target of 2.5 miles and quit for the day for a couple of days. Then after the eye surgery Thursday we will see about what to try next depending to the feet joints opinion.

Now to the pretty pictures from todays walking joy. First off the trees are autumning heavily and we expect to see most of the leaves gone within a week. So enjoy the trail views like this one while they last.

At one spot we could see a nice boat anchored out in the mouth of Flint Creek. It was there for a long time and we bet somebody was really enjoying the sun and gentle rocking of the rig.

Then as we neared the end of the trail this afternoon we approached a truck parked in an unusual spot. Then was we got close the door sign said it was from Mississippi University. There was a team of folks down in the nearly dry slough doing some seining and putting the catch in some insulated looking chests. It was likely a research effort at counting minnows or 34 pound bass. They were too far away to get into a nice conversation with them but they did respond nicely to a grand Texas HOWDY FOLKS.

We had a wonderful OFM style salad for supper tonight, Romaine lettuce mix from Walmart, black olives, cold chicken breast, chopped carrot sticks, chopped onion, chopped cauliflower, honey mustard dressing and cheap Walmart root beer to drink. It was GUUUUUD.

Now we have all night to dream about how we are going to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a good day to me. Smooth as silk. As for the joints, seems to me for mine the difference is the time spent in weight bearing. Which is kind of a bummer. But there it is. For me at any rate. I wanna be on that boat.

    1. Yep. Those bone joints in my body are definitely my weakest link most of the time.