False Start Morning


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-21-2022

Cool this morning but a good ways from cold and clear blue skies again. But the OFM started out on the walk and got about a half mile along and suddenly he did not feel right so back to the Castle we went. After a bit of rest he seemed much better and away we went on a different trail. Just an old man happening we guess.

We did a nice pleasant 2.+ miles the second try but we did take a few minutes rest at the half way spot to supervise some resting turtles that would not let us thake their picture.

Here is a picture of the second trail showing how nice it was out there today.

At another location we liked this picture for its appearance to show the autumn season in progress.

Then the rest of the day we did piddling things like a half hour nap that was wonderful and some colored pencil wearing down on paper as the OldFoolMan tried to create something nice.

We even did some Internet wandering for when we get to roll again in this lifetime.

And that was about it for the trying to have tooooo much fun effort today.


  1. Sounds like a good day to me....and what good walking places you have. Glad you started feeling better. And did some pencil work!

  2. Yep got to keep the walking going, It makes a HUGE difference to my health and activity abilities.