Morning Sun


Fried Chicken


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-31-2022

Such a disorganized day lead to a random pictures day also. The morning walk started well and two pics were taken and then the OFM decided he did not feel right and we went back to the Castle. From there nothing special happened but we did hit up the big Walmart to get a couple of items the small Walmart did not carry.

During the short walk we liked this view out onto the golf course through the tree leaves for unknown reasons.

And only a little way later we heard crashing coming from a tree in front of us so we stopped to see what was going on. What was going on is this limb was leaving the tree looking for a landing spot. We are glad we did not provide a softer spot for the limb to land.

During the big Walmart shopping trip we happened by as they were putting out freshly fried chicken packs and grabbed one. After we got home to our RV sized refrigerator we peeled all the not wanted for eating dough and skin off the chicken. Junk in the right hand bowl and edible in the left hand bowl. Notice that the junk bowl of stuff is nearly as large as the edibles. So basically half of what we paid for is not really decent to be eating.

We got a new neighbor this evening from northern Michigan. He is down here to work on a project near the Huntsville Airport. His duration to be is about two months. We are really glad he seems like a nice fellow.

Tomorrow we have to work a bit harder at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Oh my. That half may not be decent for eating, but it's my favorite.. I don't know why I've lived as long as I have with my taste for animal fat and chicken skin. Ah well, here I am. And the reasons unknown for liking the view to the golf course are known to me....lovely colors on those leaves framing a nice long view. It's a bit too symmetrical for a painting, but a good start on an idea. How lovely to see it in person. Glad you did not get bonked by that limb.
    Only thing I have to quibble with is your not feeling "right" after being out on a walk.
    That's pretty vague. But I am sure you'd just as not post on and on about symptoms of anything. So glad you are paying attention and doing what feels right.

  2. Nothing in particular was wrong but the body just wasn't right it seemed. I have pressed on with that feeling many times before and sometimes I ended up really hurting so now days as an OFM I turn around as a safety precaution.

    1. OK! Good. Pain usually is telling you something. ......

  3. I like their rotisserie chicken. It is usually enough for me to make three meals of the meat. And since it isn't overly seasoned, I can season as I like it. Good luck on your surgery.

    1. Thank you Darrell. The travel itch is killing me while waiting to heal.