Medical Preparation Start


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-1-2022

The OFM has started the eye drops effort toward getting a new eye installed soon. He took 35 minutes to get all the three gallons of eye drops put onto his eyes one drop at a time.

The afternoon was spent wonderfully as the OFM talked with two new friends here at the campground that are starting their rv travels. Their plan is doing cloverleaf trips from their home in Maryland of two to more months between periods at home. It is a good plan. We spent a lot of time helping them know about things that new rv folks need to know to make things run easier during the early travel efforts. They are already very experienced family camping so they did not need the learning camping part of the lifestyle. They will have a lot of fun we think.

Over by the soccer field the crepe myrtles are put on quite a show of dark red leaves that catches the OFM's attention every time they are in sight.

A new sign on the trail this morning announced a new water trail for paddle craft. We were not able to get a readable picture of the new sign but here is what went up. We read about the trail and think it will be a very good one when the lake is brought back up to warm weather levels.

As we were walking a well used short this morning the OFM mentioned we had not ever shown it in a picture for our readers. Here is the correction to that oversight. The passage is along the maintenance yard between the soccer field and the upper end of the slough that has the fishing bridge on it. It is a great trail to use when the NORTH wind is acting badly.

Until next Saturday we will likely be having trouble getting out and about to gather information for writing blog entries so please bear with us while looking for ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Barney best wishes for a successful surgery tomorrow.

  2. Friday morning they will take the patch off, right? I do hope you are as astounded as I was. It's a bit weird, but then the tests beforehand were too. I just tried to think of it all as a light show, and it doesn't last long. The drops are a bit of a drag. OK!!

  3. The patch is only needed if sleeping or outside doing things that could get junk in the eye and is clear. It is used for three days with these doctors around here. The patient can actually see when they walk out of the hospital.