Handsome Fool


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-17-2022

The final day of waiting came along and we participated to our fullest extent in getting the eye repairs completed for the rest of our life we hope. The surgery center ran pretty well on schedule during the check in and other preliminary stuff. But once we all were prepped for the surgery to get going it was another hour and a half of waiting for us. When the OFM was finally rolled to the operating room we took note of the time in the prep room and thirteen minutes late the OFM was rolled back into the prep room with surgery completed. Another fifteen minutes of getting stuff like IV and straps etc removed from my body and the OFM joined Kiddo his son in the lobby and away we went.

We stopped and had some tacos at a Taco Shack in Huntsville and it was very good. Then forty minutes late we were back at the Castle and unloaded. Kiddo headed on home another forty minutes away and the OFM did a little piddling and plopped into the bed to give the surgery medical stuff time to wear off. Tonight we are doing fine while waiting for the 27F temps to arrive. Tomorrow we have to go to Huntsville for another followup doctor visit.

Here is what an OFM looks like tonight.

The vision is definitely better already now. We are expecting to be getting prescription glasses with little or no correction in the top lens and bifocals for close and mid ranges like we wear now in about four weeks.

Now we are going to rest some more before rolling in the morning to be back in Huntsville at the doctors office for the first follow up visit at 0830. Then we have no idea what we will be doing for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. What a great successful day! Congratulations

  2. I was surprised to see the photo with your right eye all taped. I remembered that the photo of your first surgery had you right eye covered. Went through your posts all the way to Nov. 03----to see if my memory was screwed. Nope. Right eye covered that day. I see that on Nov. 10 you talked about getting the left eye done next. So the photo today was taken in a mirror? As I get older, I am more and more confused. Here is something else that makes me question my head!!!

    I saw that the temps are going to be really cold there overnight this week. A challenge for you to keep the pipes from freezing. I know you will handle it. Good luck with your healing.

    1. Yep a mirror.

      The Arctic Fox I live in was built for as low as zero degree weather so the freezing is not a trouble for the rig. The water hose might freeze. When I get into freezing weather I can run on the built in water tanks with no worry.