Eye Drops


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-30-2022

The major rain storm last night got us enough rain and hail to last a few years. This area is right on the Tennessee River and the river is dammed up to make it navigable by barge traffic. We have a web site to go to to check if flooding is about to happen. When the OFM checked this morning this part of the river impoundments, Wheeler Lake, had risen .75 inches since yesterday morning. Yep it rained a bit. 

 It took the OFM a little while last night to realize that the rocks falling on the Castle were more likely large hail stones. NO he did not go outside to look for them with a flashlight. But there were no stray rocks on the top of the Castle this morning either. We did not find any Castle damage from the storms.

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO doing eye drops for the cataract surgery is officially over after this evenings drops were placed in the eyes. However we still have two drops to apply for another week until the doctor visit Dec. 6. But they are for treatment for the eye that lost the fight with our office chair last August 23. It has had lingering inflammation and swelling the doc is concerned about. We have noticed this last week a noticeable improvement in the right eye vision. We hope that continues.

A lot of the down time with the eye injury has been used for editing the drawing and coloring the drawing in a coloring. Tonight is the publication of one of the finished colorings. It is named Butterflies and Birds. It is about an 8x10 size and took forever to do with our current eye situation.

Several new to us techniques were tried out on this coloring. Most of them were a good change in style. A couple of others will need more practice to make our abilities grow better. But the OFM has certainly had a great time with this coloring effort for trying to have tooooo much fun while hampered by the eye injury.


  1. Relief from so many drops then. You are probably expert by now, with another week to go with fewer. Your painting have such small detail work I'll bet it is really a slog to do it with a bad eye. Nice results from your efforts though.