Morning Sun




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-8-2022

It was an interesting day in many ways but mostly since the OFM was not feeling great. This morning after a shorter walk we spent most of the morning saying goodbye to our new friends who are planning on establishing cloverleaf trips of months duration from their home on the east coast of the USA. They both seem naturals to have a blast doing it, We encouraged them to write a blog to let the world know about the fun they are about to have. Here they are just leaving from Point Mallard to go out and have lots of fun.

The rest of the day was spent piddling with several different projects. Then when we went to Lawlers and were eating lunch in walked Mary and Dan Spain for lunch and we had a long pleasant talk on many subjects. Then we both had to get busy with other things. It was a very nice long conversation.

Back at the Castle we went on a short walk and were just walking along thinking about our personal situation right now and shuffling the leaves on the trail,

Then we realized that the feet were burnishing the leafs in the piles to scatter in the area. It was just plain old fun kicking leaves around with your feet.

Back at the night spot for us we are just waiting for all the body work on the OFM to get going soon and get it all done so we can go out roaming again back west.

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