Surgery Aftermath


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-4-2022

The incredibly busy day started early this morning with an alarm clock waking the OFM. So it was get up eat breakfast, put in the 3 gallons of eye drops, get the stuff together and head 40 miles over to the doctor office in Huntsville and report in on how things are this morning with the new eye.

The Doc was right on time and he did a very careful examination of the new eye and asked a lot of the right questions. Bottom line is the new lens etc is doing extremely well. The over pressure trouble with the eye from the chair impact damage has been lowered to well in desirable range. We even got to talk about when this mess will be over so we can order new glasses with a better prescription. After a few minutes of discussion we concluded that the eye treatments would likely end around December 22.

Then we could order new glasses and receive them. After all this we might be able to roll during the first week of January if every thing keeps going well on the healing.

When we rolled out of the office it was about 0900 and the OFM was back at the campground about 0945. The rest of the day little chores or other things kept the OFM on the run. Lunch was a grab and go hamburger. To sum it up, as the OFM walked past the bed about 1600 he laid on the bed to stretch his aching back and KABLAM he woke to outside noise about 1900.

A nice slow gentle walk of about a half mile was taken ant it felt good but it showed the OFM that his stamina after the surgery needs some time to rebuild. But we made the distance and tonight are still able to write the blog. That means tomorrow we will likely get busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.