A Much Visited Place


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-5-2022

As incredibly busy as yesterday was, today was the exact opposite. Slow paced with lots of time to ponder things. And we had slow rains most of the day.

A short walk around the front area of the campground in the morning and a short walk in the afternoon between mild rain storms was the extent of the decent exercise the OFM did. But the eye doc did caution the OFM to take it easy on the walking intensity for about a week to give the three holes in his eye to heal properly. Keep the heart rate down is how we interpreted that statement. So we are. Something about the grands being only an hour away makes me want to be careful. So I am.

We did stop to photograph one of the most visited spots in the whole park.


There you have it. Ain't it wonderful.

Then we walked across the entrance road to the bike path and meandered along it at a slow pace. We did take two pictures for our archives files on the computer. We had noticed that we are short on leaf growing patterns to reference for the art efforts. So here is two of them we have put in the reference section on the computer.

And that was all of the hard outside work for the day.

We were coloring a coloring book page and improving its drawing like all careful colorist artists do when the OFM got a brain block. It doesn't take much to clog up his pea brain. So we just shut down that effort for a bit.

After a few minutes referring to his computer archives, the OFM decided to start work on an original art work he had been perusing for a few weeks. Sure enough we got part of the under drawing done and changed our minds about the time of day for the future painting to be set in. It was nearly supper time so we put it away to consider some more about things and make the decision about options before we continue.

So a big salad was supper again and WOW was it good. We have a few more days of moderate weather coming so we have some options on how we will try to have tooooo much fun. We wonder what the OFFool will do.


  1. That "Most visited place in the park" photo? You ought to enter that in a show with that title... :-)

  2. So you had more than cataract replacement. I guess I didn't get that. Duh. Well, you seem to be doing well, and I am very glad to hear you're working on some original piece. I suspect it will turn out very well. Glad things are perking along,