Morning Sun


A Coconut!


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-11-2022

We got in a couple of gentle 2+ mile walks today and some coloring on an original work of art. Most of the day was spent visiting with folks or just goofing off. Tomorrow is eat out day over in grandkid land. That will be good we think.

In the meantime we are getting a couple of days of cold weather Sunday and Monday with night time lows in the upper 20's.

While on the first walk this morning we noticed the advance clouds of the first wave of clouds from the front coming were arriving to taunt us.

Later in the same walk we turned and went over the edge of the creek bank onto the now revealed creek bottom. The creek has been lowered a bit over three feet by the navigation district. That makes little beaches available here and there along the shoreline and the OFM took advantage of one. Naturally it had an item we did not expect.

We were not expecting to find a coconut washed up onto the beach but there it was. That was kind of fun. It has been a nice day getting to visit with several new folks here for a weekend of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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