Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-6-2022

Today got slowed down a lot due to a nice long drawn out slow rain. It stopped long enough for the OFM to get out and get in a bit over two miles of gentle walking as required by his eye condition. As we cleared the campground at the back entrance this was the view looking toward the trail start point.

All that gray overcast was a drippy fog that kept us moving but it was not really dampening the walkers much at all. Off to the sides of the trail the leaves continue to deepen. Maybe even the trees are getting tired of standing in them day and night.

As we passed a small drainage ditch inside the campground on the way back, we noticed that enough rain had fallen that the ditch now had standing water.

It might even get enough water to trickle back into the creek behind the trees. But as of night fall no flow had happened.

A bit of a surprise during the walk was the number of tree limbs that had fallen including some pretty large ones. This is a picture of the end of an approximately 4 inch branch that came down recently. It was right next to the edge of the trail but no blood shows on the end.

Back in Texas we called those kind of limbs “widow makers”.

Now little bit of good news. The OFM's right eye seems to be making progress on the healing today. We certainly hope it really is. That could go a long way toward to trying to have tooooo much fun.