Morning Sun


Exact Cubes


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-28-2022

We did not get a lot done today, but we did get a scrumptious supper prepared. Two of the small pork chops purchased the other day were carefully swift thawed in running water. Then they were cut into about .7483 inch cubes in preparation for some gentle spices to get them extra tasty for supper.

Some spices were added and the accumulation of food was allowed to get acquainted with each other in the privacy of the cooking pot.

A bit of gentle flavorings was added at this point just as the heat was being applied. We think the Sweet Red BBQ sauce was an excellent choice for one of them. It made for a nice juicy “broth” for the pork to steam in. Here is the food right after a warm soak in the spices

 and just before the finishing steaming to gather all the special flavors together for supper.

When the few minutes of steaming was nearing the end of the time the OFM finally remembered a couple of flour tortillas were awaiting being part of supper and he retrieved them for the opening go around.

As it worked out it was a great idea to roll the food in the tortilla. In fact the OFM liked the idea so much that the second one got too much rolled into it and squeezed it too hard and pork and vegetables exploded out both ends. But none went to waste for certain.

Now it is time to sleep the night away dreaming of more great meals coming up. You know you have to have good food for the energy required for trying to have tooooo much fun.