Morning Sun


Cold Fingers


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-19-2022

Another relatively busy day for the OFM. It was below freezing, about 27F, when we set out for the big Walmart to walk inside the store. Using Google maps we measured the store as about a quarter mile inside per each lap. We went in planning on 8 laps for 2 miles but by the time we finished the first mile it was so crowded we chose to get out of there and head home. It was a decent walk and not cold. The OFM is doing well with the eye surgeries.

After returning to the Castle we got busy changing the air filter on Sierra. The filter was rated at 40000 miles and we had a couple hundred miles more than that on the old one. According to the date we had written on the old one when we changed it, we had almost 2.5 years on the old filter. The new one was installed. The OFM fingers were really cold when we finished so we headed back into the Castle warmth.

After lunch we got to visit with a very nice fellow who reads the OFM blog. He and the OFM talked about cataract surgery and new places he wants to go for a long time before he had to leave to prepare for the next leg of his trip tomorrow. He is headed to south Alabama to dodge the cold weather.

As for the OFM, he is working really hard at getting his drops of medicine in his eyes at the right time and correct amounts. If he gets it done correctly he will soon be able to get wild at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Argh. Can't believe you changed the air filter when it was so cold. Well, if it's in honor of going somewhere a bit warmer.....that I can understand. Enjoy.

  2. Hey Barney, I have been there, done that. Now I only need readers. After more than 63 years of wearing eyeglasses I am finally free - or almost. Wish the eyes could have been done years earlier. I see you are planning to get out of Dodge, but I am pretty sure by then, we will be long gone from Falcon Heights. WE DON'T LIKE THE WEATHER IN TX.