Drug Schedule Mixup


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-18-2022

The day has been at times intense and other times just really busy.

First is an answer to a question asked how we are staying warm in the mid 29s weather we have been having. First is a reminder the Castle was built to handle 0 degree F weather. What we do is use two cheap three heat electric heaters here. The type with a low-med-high setting. That in general means that the setting is 500 watt at low. One heater is placed in the bedroom and one heater is placed in the bathroom. Both are set on the 500 watt heat. Each is set at a temperature level that varies during the day. But in these not very cold days of low to mid twenties F temperature they each only run a few minutes each hour and hold the Castle at a nice 78F inside. A fan set at the end of the sink cabinet circulates the air to keep things comfortable. That setup has worked just fine for 15 years and down to 11F in Big Bend several years ago. We do not by choice stay in areas without electricity if temps will be below freezing.

Today was back to the Doctor for a check up at 0830 and the drive went well both to and fro the office. We had mixed news. The chair damaged right eye that was done two seeks ago is healing well but healing slowly since it has tissue and other parts to also heal. The left eye that was cone yesterday about noon was already so far along this morning that we had to not wear our glasses to see with it. It is already at least two weeks ahead of the right eye. But both are doing well even though the right one is lagging due to the non-eyeball damage that has to heal. So over all the Doc was happy with the progress on both eyes.

Some background.

The doctor offices are in a building called The Eye Center and the operating rooms are in a different building caller The Surgery Center. As the doc and the OFM started to discuss the medicines etc, the OFM pulled out a sheet of paper he received yesterday at the Surgery Center that called for medicine changes. The Doc took a close look at it and said that is not right and threw it in the trash. Then his assistant pulled out a bit of paper and they wrote down very clearly exactly what The OFM needed to take, when to take and other details. It was handed to me with clearly announced to use this schedule of medicine. Apparently the Surgery Center had not paid attention that the OFM had the eye socket injuries in addition to the cataract surgery.

Here is the what when chart the OFM put together to help his feeble brain get the right drug in the right place at the right time for the next three weeks.

Then the OFM fixed up this log book to show when he took the eye drops so he could keep himself on the proper path to health,

Now we will be able to stay on track until we see the surgeon again on Dec 7.

He said that if things go well the Dec. 7 appointment will be our last one for him and we can go to the optometrist to order glasses.

We have to compliment Dr. Robert Foster of Huntsville Alabama with EVERY time the OFM asked for a guess or other detail about all this damaged eye and cataract surgery he has been exactly correct on what we had happen. We would definitely choose him again if we have a choice in the matter.

That is about enough for tonight. So let us all rest up for a day of trying to have tooooo much fun in the cold tomorrow.


  1. OK then. Sounds good. The new surgery (cataract only, correct?) has already turned out beautifully. The eye you bonked is healing up, so will be slower to show results. OK. Now the drops schedule to do. Ah well. Three weeks seems a long time. But when I think of the last 3 weeks of my life, they're a fast little movie. Hang in there. Glad it's all done.

    1. I sure am glad the surgery part is complete. Soon I can get down to fitting proper glasses again. Since last August 23, I have been dealing with "getting by" vision and it is not fun.

  2. OOPS. Yes the left eye was plain cataract surgery and is already way ahead of the right eye.

  3. I remember having a written schedule very similar to yours after my cataract surgeries. No way could I keep track of times and which drops without that written down so I could check it off list!!! Good news that all seems to be going well. As to your Arctic Fox castle, Too bad other companies have not followed suit and made their products
    able to handle freezing weather, I guess they figure that the cost would be prohibitive. Glad to know that you don't have to worry about it!

  4. This sounds very positive. So I just wanted to report that our low was 39 and high was 71 here in Tucson...hope you are coming this way to visit when you are completely healed.