Tree Rats


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-21-2022

Another very cold morning so we went to the grocery store first. After putting the groceries away we worked on the latest coloring project until it warmed up enough to go for a short walk.

At least we thought the cold would make it a short walk. As we got started on the walk the area warmed up fast and it turned out to be a very nice walk that stretched out for 2 miles plus a little piece. The super clear day and bright sun let us just keep on going and the OFM did just that.

Most of the trees we passed were down to a leaf or three now and then still on the tree. This one oak tree still had most of its leaves and were not finished turning brown. Check it out.

Anyway it was a very nice walk and badly needed by the OFM.

The Castle gathers leaves on the roof and we heard a funny sound several times during the day today. Well we were out for some reason and happened to look at a movement on the roof of the Castle. A stupid tree rat was up there digging around. When it saw us coming it ran down the rear ladder that is screwed to the Castle. So we got out the equipment and blew the roof clean of tree droppings. So far since then we have not heard the funny noises again.

A bit of an eye update. The left eye is doing excellent. It likely will not cause any trouble. It is way advanced in healing to the right eye. The chair damaged right eye is still improving but seems to take a couple of days to improve as much as the left does in a couple of hours. So our advice is do not try to stick a chair into your eye. It causes too much trouble to be fun.

In the mean time just relax and try to have too much fun.


  1. The Oak Tree that still has it's leaves is a Coccinea Oak (Scarlet Oak) and turn the scarlet color in the fall. They eventually turn brown and hang on the tree. We have one and it keeps it's leaves all winter unless heavy snow and high winds knock them off.

  2. I too did not know about that oak. Sounds like a sturdy creature. Tree rats....UGH.

  3. That must be the kind of red oak I have in my front yard! Soon after we had had it planted, (6 1/2 inch diameter), our next door neighbor said that he had put off raking the leaves, time after time, waiting until all of them fell off. It didn't happen until the following April. That was about 25 years ago. It's a beautiful giant now; it's still very green. In Texas. Yes, thanks for educating me.

  4. Nice that the Trees are still adding colour to your area.
    Glad to read that your healing eyes will lead to you having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.