Paying Medical Bills


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-7-2022

It got plum warm here today. Sierra was showing 83F while we were out and about. For the walk this morning the OFM(old fool man) put a long sleeve tee shirt over his regular tee shirt and before we got the first picture taken he was regretting it. But the humidity from the swamp that surrounds us made up for it by making everyone we met sweating heavily.

The good part is this weather reminded the OFM that we need a dehumidifier for the Castle. So it was off to Walmart in hopes they had dehumidifiers now. Yep they do. We looked at the normal one we bought in the past when down on the saltwater coast. But there was a small size for small places about the size of the Castle at 147 square feet.

This small one was $50 and the larger one we had bought before was $200. The small one is for places like closets or bathrooms. We knew about them but had gone old school every time before so this is an experiment.

While out on the trail this morning we went past Mr. Theo's catfish hole location and he was not there. But it was a nice location so   we took a picture to show the morning.

On along the trail we found this egret on guard. We guess he was waiting for the right minnow or little fish to come swimming by to join it for breakfast.

We got lucky and got to our favorite old stump at just the right time for good lighting while taking its photo. In the spring it is covered with flowers and then in the summer all sorts of vines call it home. And now those vine leaves are/have been showing off different colors.

Our mail arrived in a large package and was a pile of medical bills. So after the blog is posted

we will be trying to sort that mess out and get them paid. Getting them all finished would be a great way of having tooooo much fun.


  1. Hello Barney,,,, as you're paying those bills, you may want to check on Medicare paying some towards your new glasses. Normally, it doesn't, but I think there are some exceptions after cataract surgery. Be careful out there.