Spectacular Light Show


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-3-2022

It was a fantastic grand adventure today at the surgery center in Huntsville Alabama. The OFM showed up on time and about three hours later Kiddo and the OFM headed back to Point Mallard .

The spectacular light show that the OFM had while the doc was hacking and wacking to get things clear again was fantastic. None of the folks we asked about cataract surgery mentioned the stupendous light show while the eye is being surgeryized. We have reservations next November 17 to see the show again. It was a wonderful show for having tooooo much fun.


  1. Good job. How is your vision in the eye they worked on?

    1. Not really usable yet but I expected that from the damaged eye needing the most repair.

  2. I told you about the light show 2 days ago!! Geez. But if I had been you, I wouldn't have remembered it either, being so revved up over it beforehand. I"m surprised you don't have a patch over the eye so you couldn't even try to see out of it. Hmmmm. I did. Glad you're done with it.

  3. So glad you are finished with the first eye surgery.