Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Grand Daughter Made The Team Early


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-12-2022

No walk this morning but we did get rolled to the Grandkid location on time and made it there within two minutes of the hoped for time. So the day started really well and continuously got better all day.

When we got to the house only Kiddo and his wife were home. The grands had spent the night over at the other grand parents home and arrived back a few minutes after the OFM's arrival. Talk about a HUGE gab fest for a while. It was a wild multi persons HOWDY session that went on for a good while. It was great. A big pile of catching up was done. WOW!

The other grands headed back home and the conversations etc switched to seeing what the grands had been doing lately. Lots of neat pictures painted and special other activities.

The OFM's grand daughter was accepted onto the school gymnastics team recently and that is wildly good news since she is a year younger than the normal age for starting on the team. It looks like the school year is going to be active.

After a major reviewing of all the huge number of activities they are involved in we headed to lunch at a German Restaurant in Huntsville Alabama. It was really good and a big chunk of

the food came home with us to help feed those gymnasts come supper time.

When we got back it was time to play chess. Grandson learned to play about a year ago and now his 5 year old sister is learning to play checkers. But we hit a trouble, the OFM could not see the pieces well enough to play chess. But he could see well enough to play checkers. So Grandson and the OFM went at it with Grandaughter scheduled to play the OFM next. Well it did not happen quite that way. The grandson and OFM had a vicious game of checkers and the OFM got a resounding defeat handed to him. When we checked the time, it was time for the OFM to head home to beat darkness. So all the fun stopped and the OFM is playing the grand daughter next time as the first game of the day. She seems to know her game from the way she discussed playing with the OFM. Then the OFM got in Sierra and got back to the Castle with about 20 minutes of daylight left. We are supposed to hit 28F tonight and have a cold week. In case you were wondering the OFM is WORE OUT and expects to sleep for 29 hours straight tonight. After that he might be able to get up and try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds like a good day for you, and I was glad to see in earlier posts your eye doc is satisfied with your progress.
    Just back from a few days at PortA and when I came home at 4PM yesterday, it was 42 degrees, after the 73 degrees 6 hours earier. Brrrrr. Hardly recognized the place as it has been 14 or so years since I was last there....but it was still a fine visit!!

    1. Yep PA made a lot of changes after hurricane Harvey smashed it pretty badly. I thought most of the change were for the better. It is good to roam around once in a while. It keeps you young.

  2. That sounded like you had a day of tooooo much fun with the grands helping to keep you busy.
    Sounds like your nighttime temps re close to ours.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.