Morning Peace

Morning  Peace




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-26-2022

The weather was not great today with a sight chill and breeze and occasional drizzle. We spent the day at the Castle playing with art supplies except for going out to Burger King for lunch. Gas was purchased on the way home for a bit under $3 a gallon.

We decided to make a new water color pencil swatch chart so we could better tell what the wetted pencil marks would look like. The old tin was still arranged in the disorder that the tin of water color pencils arrived in.

We like our pencils lined up in the Roy G Biv style when we are trying to color things. For those that do not know here it is the spectrum.

R red

O orange

Y yellow

G green

B blue

I Indigo

V violet

It just makes life easier for the OFM when the colors are in that arrangement in the storage tin.

Here is the new chart being developed.

After we got the rearranging done and the new chart colored in here is what the new arrangement looks like.

After all that work we went back to work on the new coloring and sure enough the new chart and arrangement makes life a lot easier for the OFM to find the color he is wanting to use next.

Now we can concentrate on just coloring and trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Roy G Biv, I learned that in Boy Scouts...well it was another guy in the Scouts who explained it while on a campout.
    I paid $3.43 yesterday for regular gas.

  2. Well, for pete's sake. This is my third try at logging in, and it worked. I have no clue about why it didn't work and why it did. Now I have nothing to say because I just wrote you an email.